Do you believe in horoscopes compatibility

Thanks x 2. Yes personally and professionally The zodiac has been a secret tool in navigating both successfully. I'm a Scorpio and my partner is a Gemini. I do think that I am more intense and deep than my Gemini can handle at times whereas he's more "flighty? He's also a damn chatterbox whereas I am more secretive and reserved. We are polar opposites but I think we work very well.

The sex is bomb too, so that helps I guess.

Believe in horoscopes? This dating app will match you with other credulous people

You cannot go by the general readings of your sun signs because just that - they are generic. The actual chart created from your exact location and time of birth is extremely helpful in giving insight as to the nature of the mate that would be ideal for you.

You have to cast the chart and see what sign is the ruler of your 7th house and what planets are in that house and you will be floored when you see what it tells you. Thanks x Thanks x 3. Thanks x 16 LOL!

Real Life Dating Experiment - Do Horoscopes Really Matter?

I'm a believer lol. Thanks x 4.

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Some people have traits not associated with their signs or don't have traits associated with their signs. The only sign I don't think I could date is a Gemini man because every man I have ever met had traits identical to a Gemini--multiple personalities included.

I don't believe in that crystal ball rubbing, Uno cards using bullshit. Centaurs are cool looking, though.

Here's what the women said:

I'd say no. No one is compatible with a Gemini man for the record.

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Last edited: Nov 7, When i was on Tinder, i would low key ask them if they knew their birth time and then ask their details. Similar Threads Have you ever met someone with a completely negative personality? And what was their zodiac sign? Follow City-Data. Twitter :. User Name.

Do Zodiac Signs Truly Affect Relationship Compatibility? | PairedLife

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    Do You Believe In Zodiac Signs

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