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Three terrorists, who took a tailor hostage after they were cornered by security forces in Batote town in Jammu's Ramban district, were killed on Saturday. Here are the big sports events lined up for Tuesday July 16 that comprises the Intercontinental Cup match between India and Syria. Wed, Oct 09, Updated Notification Center. Drama Junior 3: Swathi emerges as the winner. Drama Juniors Championship: Contestants of season 2 bag the trophy and cash prize of 5 lakh rupees. Tiptur to host Drama Juniors season 3 finale.

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Junior shuttlers win 3 golds at Dubai International Series. Drama Juniors Championship: Contestants of season 2 bags the trophy and cash prize of 5 lakh rupees. Krupakar, Senani on Drama Juniors. My Date of Birth is , Aries. Hi, Name: R. Kaaveya Birthdate: 28,september, Timepm Born in: Chennai I would like to know my career path,since iam a bit confused on that.

I have done my mba hr recently, but iam working in a bpo industry for almost 4years. Now that i dont know what to do,if i try to take up a hr job,how would my future be,is there any chance of going to abroad? How will be my future? Please do reply….. And i want to wear Neelam so is it suitable for me. Hi- I have been advised to wear yellow sapphire in index finger of left hand to overcome obstacles in marriage ; and cats eye in middle finger of right hand due to Ketu dasha. I am really confused as generally yellow sapphire is advised to be worn on index finger of right hand; and cats eye in middle finger of left hand.

The gems related with Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter should be worn on the right hand. Is neelam is good gem for me to wear. One of my friend suggested me to do so. He said Saturn is strong in my horoscope. Also since i am not settled jobswise as well as i am unmarried. Kindly advise so that i can be reasonbly well off if not a great success. Kindly advise the required gemstone for me. Could you pls. With Regards.

Sri kshitij sharmaji, i am born in lower middle class family. I want to know about my financial status, right now I am facing some troubles. I am presently wearing a ruby in gold for right ring finger. I need guidenace, in life, too many complex issues, to mention. I will glady e-mail you privately. What about my future i m working in pvt co as a manager and want to do buisness on my own can i get sucess or would job all over life and i am wearing yellow sapphire Guru on my first finger. At present my family is suffering lot from illness and there is no piece in family.

Our House is south facing. My Date of birth is 16 June, and Place of birth is yavatmal,Maharashtra and time of birh is Pls advice me how my life will be and which gem is should wear if recommended. Nameste, My name is neetu. Regularly i have traing to win lottary but not successful. So please help me. Respected sir, Please help me by analysing my birth details and charts. But no one could tell me why i should do this remedy logically and scientifically. Which Career suits me the best? Which gem stone is Favourable for me and which gem stone is not favourable for me?

Sir, i tell you about the positions of my planets in the chart which variuous astrologers have suggested me. While askinf about one says tehnical, another says water related works, third one says related to land and farming, 4th one says real estate,politics. Sir my details are: Name : Munish Kumar D. I got first break in my studies at the age of I am waiting for your reply sir.

Sir plese clear all my doubts and make my life movable. I really will be highly thankful to you for this act of kindness. Facing lots of trouble by siniors at work. This has been forever. Plz reply.. Will my anger cool of when my Mangal becomes Soumya? I am facing lot of problem , could u tell me please please when i will get a job and how is my future.

I am wearing Diamond ring in my middle finger in right hand and Emerald ring in my little finger in right hand. Please clarify. Basically I want to shift one of the rings to my left hand. Some years ago, a famous astrologer prescribed me gomedak ring to wear for Rahu shanthi, saying it would improve my marriage prospects. It is three years now since im wearing that ring and have had no luck so far. So i removed the ring from my finger recently. However, my mother insists that I wear it, so i consulted another astrologer who said it would be good to wear it, but wear it on the right hand middle finger I was wearing it on the left hand before.

My birth details are: 2nd January , time: 8. Place of birth: Bangalore, India. I would be deeply grateful if you kindly provide me with a solution to this issue. Please if you could tell me if I should wear pearl ring and in which finger?

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I have been advised to wear moti and I have already acquired a ring and moti of 7. All of sudden in June i lost my Job, and currently fighting a law suit with the same company and also same month i caught my GF cheating on me. I am very depressed and cannot trust anyone! Can i wear the gomedh again? Will i be able to start any business? Please advise Thanks a billion! I am a software engineer and i want to build up my carrier. My DOB is and have born in India. So will u help me, Sir in saying about my gemstone and about my lucky metal. It should be lucky in all aspects.

I have born on 8th july , time at night 8. I really like your website and have found it very informative. Could you please advise me on what gemstone and what finger to wear it on, that will bring me the most luck. And is there a gemstone that I should not be wearing? Hello Sir, Plz suggest me about when to wear neelam.

Also the related mantra and in which finger of which hand. This neelam is for my husband. His D. B details Date -juky Place: Bulandshahr Time: p. My date of birth is 12th April Currently nothing seems to be going my way. Whatever i do i am perceived wrong and not getting returns as it should be. Could you please let me know if Neelam will be okay to wear.

Someone suggsted me to wear Neelam. My Date of birth is 8th. November , at I am passing through a bad time, as I have been deceived plenty of money by some hackers unidentified. Sir, I have been trying on many plans, but a single is not clicking. I have a very poor earning potential, and my health is also not good. Some astrologers told me that my time for the next 18 years is very bad, as I am passing under the Influence of Saturn. My Date of birth is at Calcutta, at Please help me. Regards, Sanjib Kumar Banerjee.

Hi Sir, I am Priti working Pune as a software professional. At start it was dark blue like peacoke neck in color…but day day by day it becomes too dark so as to look like black. So is it ok??? Are stone changes thier color??? Plz reply me.. Can emerald be worn with pearl? Nothing prospective and i have turned 32 yrs, and not much satisfaction in my Job also. Hi, when will i get a job?

Please can you tell me about my future career. I am 28 years old, facing the problem of Stammering from the last 18 years. I have tried every thing but every thing failed to cure my Stammering. Can you suggest any remedies. Name :-Utkarsh Tewary D. In my kundali is Vasuki Kalsharp yoga, i face more probleme in my life. Guruji, I am going though a bad patch now as I had a good job and lost it in May. I am looking out for jobs and nothing coming though. A family friend advised me to wear phukraj on my index finger and ruby on my ring finger.

Which I have been wearing it for 3 weeks now. I was advised to wear a pearl silver ring on my ring finger. My birthday is Feb 21, time am sunday born in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

Can you please tell me the effects and benefits of wearing this ring? Thank you and God bless! I am Ajith born in Kerala in a place called Kunnamkulam in Thrissur district on 8th September, , time at 2 nazhiga 33vinazhiga before sunrise.

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I am facing problem in my career especially on stability front. I had consulted few gemologists and they had suggested to wear ruby 1ct on the ring finger on the right hand, coral with silver and yellow sapphire. And i would like to know if i have kaal sarp dosha or not. Please tell me its effects, and remedies if possible along with type of stones i should wear.

I was also told to wear diamond in gold to my middle finger and wore it and i had seen bad results,so i took it away now. Guruji namaste , My Birth Date : Time — 1. Dear Sir, I was born on March 15th in sailkot Pakistan. Please help me how will i control my angerness thanking you in advance. Hi, I am facing lot of problems. I am always misunderstood by everyone in house which makes me alone. This is affecting my work as well relationship in house.. P time pm. My DOB is I am extremely depressed with my financial situation. Kindly advice urgently please. My name is Preman. I am wearing a Emrald in GOld on my right finger.

I am working in a small firm as a Technician. I want to start My own businsess, will I be successful. What must I do. When must I start it. Career :I never felt secured and facing many problems, financial loss. Very confused about making decisions, not very happy with my present Job — how should i plan, how are the career propects ahead.

Presently I am away from home. Name : Subhash D. Dear Sir, My D. Please advice which gem stone and how much carrat i can wear to avoid this problem. Thank you for your infomation. Need advise regarind my marraige , business and family happiness , would also like know the gems i need to wear or not. I have got this degree in December , since then I am looking for a job, but I have not find anything.

So, I would like to know that when will I get the job of my education. I am also doing my Master of Science degree in Accoutancy. I request your suggestions in chosing the right gemstone for myself. I have gone through a lot in life. I have had to restart my entire career and have faced quite a lot of ups and downs in the past. I want an ideal gemstone which will help me in being successful in work, help me in achieve fame, wealth and recognition and power.

Iam a hardworking man and I beleive there is no substitution for hardwork but I have also heard of the powers of the gemstones. Please help me in chosing the right stone. Hoping to hear from you at the earliest.

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Hi Sir, I am Amit Saxena,born on 19th sept some astrologer told me to wear blue sapphire,Plz suggest wheter blue sapphire is the right gem for me. Born in srinagar , Jammu and kashmir. Presenntly i am wearing a 5. Pls advise. Namaste,my D. B is 5th feb at Dear Sir,I was born on 22nd November at 8. In seventh house is ketu, In eigth house there is Jupiter, ninth house is vacant in tenth house there is moon in eleventh there is Saturn,Budh and venus and in 12th house there is sun. For the last about years I am facing acute difficuly in career and sliding down year after year.

So much dis satisfied is the sitaution that I have brought to the lowest and almost lostevery thing. Saturn In its entrance in Scorpio, whose Lord is Mars which propagates dynamism, the field is set for developing higher knowledge and mutual transfer thereof. The mutual aspect of Guru and Saturn indicates the utility of inbuilt spiritual resources within oneself to fulfil larger endeavours during this period. As Saturn enters into Anuradha Nakshatra, it.

As it crosses each pada of this nakshatra, only the mode changes while the target remains the same. As it enters the Jyestha nakshatra it generates exclusiveness and individual speciality in different modes depending on the padas it transits, which brings one to limelight. These two accordingly complement each other. Keeping the above in mind, we shall see how this Gochara movement of planets, could be fruitfully utilized by individuals. This analysis Nakshatra wise is given below and should be used alongwith the Lagnas and their Lords, of the individuals: Icons in Temples are an ideal source of creative energy for a perturbed mind and unstable body and is therefore recommended wherever required.

The Nakshatra itself is aspected thereafter till the end of the year. The above combination lead to the following conclusions :. Review too. Progression in career is bound to give fruits through hard work. Trayodashi puja to Lord Shiva is mainly propelled by the setting Sun radiations on Shiva vigraha and then on to Nandi which distributes it to the Sapta chakras within the individuals and thereby acts as a cleanser and catalyst of the operative system of the human body.

Regular visit to Lord Hanuman could strengthen their breathing system thereby ensuring peaceful end. If other factors in ones horoscope give room to longer life, the above procedures would enable a more proficient travel during this period. Venus, is renowned for its urge for immediate upliftment. This causes undue stress within themselves. With the benign Jupiter casting its blessings on this Nakshatra for almost the complete half of , these persons should take the advantage and ensure creative prosperity. Young children say upto 16 years: Sudden The parents of these children born under this urge for better studies and consequent high mental development.

Use of uncooked food during daytime on Thursdays and praying to Lord Ganesha, can substantially improve these positive aspirations. In majority of cases the latter will prevail, though the urge continues in others. This could affect the menses of especially young female kids thereby leading to generation of higher cough cold within the working system. Having brought this under control this period can generate art, music and artistic tendencies within the child which is longstanding and also propagates the intention for prosperity in others.

Saturn will bless you with adequate Will power to fulfil both. Lord Shiva will shower His blessings on you. Grasp it with ease and enjoy this period fully. Young children bearing this star and who are pregnant, and are due for delivery should resort to the navagrha parikrama, in the order given below starting from 1st month of pregnancy :- Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Saturn , Mercury , Moon, and Sun, to avoid caesarean deliveries and beget proper children.

Only they should be humble. Daily obtaining the blessings of their parents, through prostrating at their feet and prostrating to the early morning Sun, will largely assist in the fruitful fulfilment of the intended achievements. Star are subject to vigorous physical strain especially when Mars aspects their Rashi or the 6th and 8th therein.

A little effort will create the necessary Will power generated by the Shani-Guru-Bharani mutual aspect combination and the task will be fulfilled. Let us take the 1st pada of this nakshatra which falls in the Aries Rashi of Mars. Arrogance is a part and parcel of the guna of this nakshatra and. These children have an excellent opportunity to revitalize their lost energy through hard work or yoga.

Career progression is excellent. Prayer to Lord Murugan, especially on Shashthi 6th Tithi after Full Moon or New Moon , during Saturdays or Tuesdays will help to rejuvenate their internal energy and stimulate their mental agility. Aged persons:-These persons will suddenly feel revival of lost energy. Diversity from routine work and dwelling in mass functions will help them to enjoy this period. Fasting only one time, on Saturdays and Thursdays will give higher stimulation. Utility of this transit, especially of Saturn and Jupiter during the year, for other nakshatras, Rashi wise would be taken up in the oncoming editions.

The relevance of Epics applies generally to human life, and so naturally extends to astrology also. It is also beyond an individual's qualification to even venture to comment, at the cost of being blasphemous, on the writings of many revered souls. With this background we shall try to capture the essence of Ramayana, Gita, etc.

The import of epics are better understood if we can co-relate the characters and events to our daily life, on the basis of commentaries by learned sages and others. In simple terms Ramayana story is that Dasharatha through three wives begets four sons. Rama the eldest is married to Seeta.

During exile, while chasing a golden deer, Seeta is lost. Aided by Hanuman it is discovered that she is imprisoned by Ravana in a far off place difficult to regain and retrieve. After hard battle Ravana is defeated and Seeta is regained. Consequently his peace of mind is lost irretrievably. Only with firm determination and intelligence and assistance of all faculties the evil can be conquered and peace of mind regained. In depression consolation and hope arrives in the shape of Hanuman.

While Sita was firm and did not succumb to Ravana- so should we, with help of a good guru, overcome our indriyas and try for upliftment of the soul and enlightment. If we take the gitopadesha in Mahabharata, where Arjuna is sitting in a Chariot pulled by horse with Lord Krishna as Sarathi holding the reins, in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, same message is reflected!

The above scene may be visualized as under : Kurukshetra. Review which has begun to discriminate , is full of problems-a veritable battlefield. Atman- the Jiva or the human mind with its wonderful faculty of discrimination is the Hero ;the Body is the car; the Intellect is the Charioteer; and the mental Vrittie is the Reins; They say, the senses are the Horses, and their Objects are the Roads, The intellect Gnana Shakthi being the brightest reflection of the Atman, is the Charioteer.

Krishna-the Paramatman in Human body. Kathopanishad-III, 3, 4 The great battle of Kurukshetra is not a matter of antiquarian interest fought Eons ago somewhere, but a daily or even hourly one.

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If your intellect is not stained, in other words, if it be as it ought to be, the brightest reflection of the atman—the charioteer krishna- the car on which you are seated will go well, there will be no fear to the rider, provided you know how to hold the reins of mental tendencies. The sensesthe fleet of horses of yours will run well and stand the war; and you need fear no obstacles on the road.

If on the other hand, your intellect is clouded with selfish considerations, or weakened by low cares, or enfeebled by vain ambition and avarice, or polluted by prejudice, then, there is a fatal defect in charioteer the charioteer was , in the ancient mode of warfare by personal combat. A very important personage; and hence krishna is the charioteer, and arjuna-the warrior , and you will surely go to ruin.

Rajam Iyer. Lord Krishna is born in prison, transported to elsewhere, kills Pootana, Chakatasur,Thrunavartasur and many other Asuras, shows entire universe in his mouth, steals butter and breaks the pot, dances on. How it is to be done is reflected killing of various AsurasThrunavartasur- coming as he does as Storm- signifying Rajo Guna- i.

This episode is said to be the process of purification of eligible souls prior to Moksha —personally carried out by Lord — so much so. She desires to marry Krishna but is compelled to marry Sisupala. Again in response to earnest prayer of Jivatma, the Lord showers His Grace and uplifts the soul trapped in Kaalchakra.

Having seen the identical message of Ramayana , and Gita , Bhagavatham , the question is how these are linked to Astrology? That there is a definite pattern in the evolution of life in general , human life , and the allocation of significations of Bhavas Houses in Astrology based on this evolutionary pattern is no longer in doubt- beginners in astrology can usefully refer to Astro Sutras Ch. Bhasin for a broader treatment of the point.

Suffice to say here that in this evolutionary scheme the period from birth to death are covered from Lagna to eighth house. But from ninth to twelfth house we are on a different plane! And if there is some defect or impediment prohibiting the person from working towards this ideal, in. The Neetisatakam of Bhartruhari says.

But even if a Chaataka bird lives in rain prone mountains it will get only 2 or 3 drops. We may also usefully refer to Yaksh Prasna in Mahabharata also;. Salman has earned great name and fame as an exemplary actor not only in India and Bollywood but the entire world. List of his fans is very large and he is respected and followed by innumerable youths. He has also proved that he is very kind person by his noble acts and charitable dispositions.

The upbringing of his sister Arpita in his family is the prime example. Inspite of all his good work, controversies also follow him. From time to time Salman's name is coined in some or the other episodes of controversy. Out of these many, two most important controversies viz. Hit and run case and Black buck case landed him behind the bars. Very recently the court pronounced the judgement in hit and run case in which Salman was found guilty and awarded punishment. In this article Salman's future has been analysed and interpreted from the prospective of astrology.

The Ju conjunction of powerful Mars with Venus explains his sculpted muscular physique. The atmakaarak Moon is well placed in lagna promising fame and prosperity. Jupiter is placed in 6th from lagna and Moon forming Adhi yoga promising fame, wealth and luxurious life. The dugdha rashis for this chart are Taurus and Aquarius, both occupied by malefics. Jupiter is darakaarak placed in shadashtak.

The Sanghatik nakshatra from Moon is Purvaphalguni occupied by Uranus. He had his first crush on Somy Ali a Pakistani actress but she decided to wait for better days, which only led to the end of that affair. His second crush was on Sangeeta Bijlani but she found a better match in cricketer Azharuddin. He had third crush on Aishwarya Rai, who backed out complaining of physical abuse. He was only a Bodyguard in that case. The placement of darakaarak in shadashtak position with atmakaarak has prevented the native from having a spouse or even a lasting relationship.

The lagna is hemmed between two malefics Saturn and Sun forming Bandhan Yoga. However, he was granted interim bail by the High Court on the same day, which has been extended further by the Court on May 8. However, the film producers must have heaved a sigh of relief more than Salman himself!

This may take some months, a year or even longer.

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The High Court may perhaps reduce the quantum of his sentence but not acquit him completely. Secondly, the case of blackbuck. Now producers may avoid signing him for new movies. It had happened in the case of Sanjay Dutt. If he is given imprisonment for a long period it may bring down curtain on his career -Ek Tha Tiger! Utility of short duration Tajik chart Tajik chart is generally cast for one year. But it can be cast for shorter durations viz 2. Tajik chart for 2. It can be used to predict the outcome of event whose date is known in advance viz.

Let us see how it works using this example itself. In the 2. The other 2. This craze is extremely strong in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Unfortunately, in real life this happens very rarely. However, in reel-life movies they experience illusionary realization of their dreams when they see their favourite actor fighting the corrupt system successfully, going to the rescue of poor people in need and damsel in distress.

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Their hero fights with many goons simultaneously and pulverizes them all. However, their hero is only a dream merchant - Sapno ka Saudagar. But in real life Sapno ka Saudagar is unable to face Insaf ka Taraazu. Salman had many crushes but just escaped being crushed by the blindfolded, taraazu wielding Lady of Justice. When Salman was convicted, many prominent Bollywood personalities had called on him to express their solidarity. But he has sided with Asatya in real life!

In USA if a film star gets involved in crime his career is almost finished—people boycott his movies. No producer likes to take the risk of signing such a star for new movies. We Indians, by and large, are lacking in this. Use the table of door and birth star combinations given in next page and find your fortune as indicated by the number where the horizontal Door column and the vertical Star column meet.

For example, if your door looks to the east, and your birth star number is 6, you would read paragraph 21 in the fortunes that follow. The door of your bedroom and office is important because it reveals something about the conditions you experience while living in your home and working in office. If you wish to find out what your door presages, you need only to combine your birth star with the compass direction of your door. Remember, the compass direction is the direction you face when you stand in the doorway with your back to the inside of your home,office or room, facing out.

Read them only in their most positive and constructive sense. If you are cautioned or warned of difficulty, for example, remember that you are always given the opportunity to find ways of overcoming possible hardship. Strange how so few people use this method. You will notice that in this system 5 Star is not listed among the stars in the table. Males born under 5 Star should use 2 Star, females born under 5 Star should use 8 Star. For example, a male born under 5 Star whose door faces South should read paragraph 34, a female born under 5 Star whose door looks S outh should read paragraph How to calculate your birth star Add your year of birth to a single digit ,deduct from 11 for men and add 4 in it for women.

Fortunes 1. Walking at the edge of an icy precipice at midnight without a light. You will be confronted by all that you fear. Be on guard against serious entanglements, which will surely lead to emotional upset and loss of money. Confusion can occur and cloud your mind. Heedlessness to good counsel will needlessly expose you to danger. Take care and avoid bad moves.